What Is RTO? What is a long-form of RTO?

Everyone here tells the long-form of RTO in their way but do you know what is the true long-form of RTO in relation with Driving License & Motor Vehicles in India?

In India, the office where driving license and Motor Vehicle records are kept is called RTO in short.

The long-form of RTO is Regional Transport Office and the officer is called the Regional Transport Officer.

If you have observed, many people use the long form of ‘T’ as Traffic, but ‘T’ does not mean Traffic but it is Transport.

The important function of the RTO office is to issue Driving License and Register Motor Vehicles and lots more concerning License, Vehicles, and Road Safety.

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In Maharashtra, there are 15 Regional Transport Offices and 35 Dy Regional Transport Offices.

I tried to cover basic information about RTO here, but if you still have a question in your mind feel free to ask us via comment.

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